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In automotive, industrial, and heavy-equipment applications, the products of BG have shown themselves to be innovative, well made, protective of the environment, and attuned to the task at hand. They perform as promised.

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BG Products for Specifc Services

Cooling System Service
  • Because over-heating is the leading cause of roadside breakdowns, BG attaches special emphasis to our Cooling System Service, a comprehensive set of products and tools to ensure reliable performance of this all-important system.
Power Steering Service
  • BG Power Steering Service removes residues from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking, and wear of parts.

Fuel/Air Induction Service
  • BG Fuel/Air Induction Service will improve fuel economy, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and restore the great fun of like-new driveability to your vehicle.
Oil Change Service
  • BG Engine Oil Service will protect your engine under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions -- the all-too-frequent sort of driving that can severely shorten engine life. At the same time, this critical service will reduce operational costs and enhance engine performance.
Transmission Service
  • BG Transmission Service extends transmission life, eliminates such problems as transmission "shudder," and reduces overall maintenance costs.
Diesel Service
  • BG Diesel Service addresses the needs of these specialized powerplants by restoring lost performance and preventing costly repairs. This service will reduce overall maintenance costs, while ensuring long, productive lives for diesel engines.

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BG Products are not found at discount stores.

BG Products, Inc. is dedicated to making vehicles last longer and perform better in the meantime.

Every business day more than 100,000 shops, dealerships and technicians worldwide use our products, services, tools and equipment.

Each of these products and services has resulted from decades of research and close interaction with automotive professionals on the job.

In partnership with an international family of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative products and proven programs of automotive maintenance.

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